How not to block Kyle Williams

Kyle Williams was the best player on the field last Sunday.  The Chiefs had nobody that could handle him.  But give credit to the Bills coaches as well, they brought a few zone blitzes that confused the Chiefs blockers.  One blitz confused the Chiefs so much that Kyle Williams was blocked by a fullback, and that my friends is a mismatch.

Sheppard is threatening the right side A gap, then you have Williams in the B gap and Anderson out wide.

This is where the Chiefs mess up, the Center and Guard both take the blitzing Sheppard, and the OT goes outside to take Anderson, leaving the poor fullback to try and block a full speed Kyle Williams.  Meanwhile Mario Williams drops into coverage, so the Bills are still only rushing 4

It’s not even close, poor poor fullback.  Not his fault, that is a messed up blocking call

Down goes Cassel…. and this is why teams say everything starts up front.

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