Week 4, How did the Pats block Mario?

Att # double? 2OL 1 ol 1 te 1 ol 1 rb pressure? other
1 n n
2 y x n
3 n y
4 n n run play originally, brady threw to uncovered TE
5 y n wr screen — 2 te double
6 n n
7 n n
8 y x n
9 n n bump welker
10 n n 3 man rush
11 n n
12 y x n
13 n n
14 n n cut block for slant/flat patten
15 n n bump welker, RB screen
16 n n stunt to inside
18 n 1/2 brady sack
19 y/n n 3 man rush
20 n n bump gronk
21 n y stunt inside
22 n n
23 n n
25 y x n stunt inside
26 y x y
27 n n
y x n brady scramble for TD – late double team
28 n n bump gronk
29 n n stunt inside
30 y x n
31 n n
32 n n
33 y x n
34 n 1/2 stunt inside
35 n n mlb blitz
36 n n wr screen
total # of double teams = 11 out of 35 pass plays

A couple of extras… a few plays Mario was lined up Welker or Gronk and bumped him before he rushed. ¬†Also he provided the most pressure when he stunted inside. ¬†Bills only blitzed once and it was at the end of the game (The Lloyd TD)

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