Quick notes about Titans / Bills

Here are a few notes when I went back at looked at things on the broadcast cam.  I don’t think that the game film is necessary, as the TV replays often times showed most of the field.

CJ TD #1

– 53 and 37 both mess up here, 53 loses his gap and allows the cutback and 37 just whiffs on CJ.  Really really bad game for 37 yesterday.  55 almost makes the tackle in the backfield and forces the cutback

CJ TD #2

– 50, 55, and 90 not good jobs at all.  90 just runs up field taking himself out of the play making a huge hole.  All of CJ’s big runs were at 90 or 54 playing DE.  55 goes to his gap but is easily handled by the OL and then 50 is eaten up in the hole by the FB.  The hole was quite big bc of 90 just totally running outside and upfield

CJ 25 yarder (2nd quarter)

– 31 is in the hole ready to make the tackle and is absolutely clotheslined / tackled by the TE pulling.  Really blatant hold that is missed that allowed CJ to run up in the hole.

Fitz INT

– 3 man rush by the Titans and Pears is just beaten clean.  14 has less than 2 seconds to throw. Fitz has to throw it or else his is sacked.  I think throw was for 13, on the out route, but 13 seemed to make an extra move on his route.

CJ 27 yarder (4th quarter)

– 91 totally pushed down the LOS.  37 again poor in run support, easily blocked in the hole by TE.  54 runs himself out of play upfield, is not even blocked on the play.  Bills had 7 defenders in the box vs 6 Titan blockers.

Titans last TD

– 4 verticals vs cover 2 man.  Not a bad coverage to be in against this play.  26 is flat footed at 10 yards and 15 just runs right past him.  37 again in no mans land, standing in the middle of the field covering nobody.  All other DB’s had good coverage.

One last note… the Titans were doing something interesting when they went to to a 3 man rush, they would drop a DL and have him cover the inner most receiver, if you notice on the 2nd down on the final drive, Chandler was being covered by a DT.

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