The final play vs the Pats

Here’s a look at the final play.  The 1st 2 pictures of pre-snap.  First showing the WR patterns, Graham’s pattern is in red and yellow, red is what he ran, yellow is what he supposed to have run according to interviews after the game.

The Pats rush 3 here and to me it looks like Tampa 2 with the outside corners really sinking.  Almost like a quarters coverage with Mayo really deep in the middle and then 3 guys underneath.

Here is a picture of when Fitz starts throwing the ball (you can see his arm coming back)… I’m sure everyone has seen the picture showing how wide open Spiller and SJ are.  They really aren’t THAT open.  The pass to CJ is definitely complete-able, however, if he gets tackled short of the 5, you have to spike it to stop the clock and then it’s 4th down.  Looking at the picture you can definitely see how if TJ cuts his pattern underneath the deep safety, there is a hole there.  Does TJ catch it?  Who knows…

Here’s a quick look at what the field looks like after the INT… I think if TJ cuts his pattern short, the pass gets to him, but he definitely is going to get hit.

All in all… just a shame that they threw all over the Pats defense all game and then at the end a miscommunication costs them the game.

Also if you have game rewind, the Bills run the same play out of a different formation at 12:42 of the 2nd quarter.

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