My thoughts on Ryan Nassib

I just watched 4 games worth of Ryan Nassib on youtube (USC, Rutgers, Louisville and Missouri) and think that he is an NFL QB.  However in my opinion he is not a top 10 guy, while he has some obvious strengths and there are things he needs to work on to be a good pro QB.  On to my thoughts:

– Very much a 2 speed passer.  Fastballs and a deep lob.  Towards the end of the season he got better w/ his touch, but still too many rocket balls to guys 3-5 yards away

-Great arm, no doubt he can make all the throws

-Best throw is the intermediate pass, just wonderful at making throws 10-25 yards down field.  Would carve teams up with the intermediate pass, he very much belongs in a vertical passing offense.  However, when he would throw the deep ball / lob, he would tend to underthrow it.  Not because of arm strength issues, just mistiming.

-The biggest negative I have on him is his jitteriness (I know that’s not a word) in the pocket.  S ometimes he would have lots of body movement while in the pocket. When he was like that he was at his worse.  Played better when body language was calm.  Could almost tell the outcome of the play just by watching to see if he was calm or jittery in the pocket.

– Not great with pressure, but not many QB’s are.  And I must say, there were times where he got terrible blocking (esp. vs USC)

-Willing runner, some hip shake, but not fast.  Runs like a TE

-Will get rid of the ball and throw into small windows.  Kid definitely trusts his arm and his eyes.  Did not see too many sacks because of him holding onto the football.  Gets the ball and gets rid of it.

-Average to good release, has a bit of a windup but nothing that I would see as a negative or strong positive.

I struggled to find a comparison to him, just because he is such a vertical passer, yet so frantic at times as well.  Perhaps a poor man’s Phil Rivers (totally different release, but play similar) is the best off the top of my head.  I think the early 2nd round would be a good range for him.  But you never know with how QB’s get pushed up the board now.  Definitely something to work with though.

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  1. tom b says:

    This is one of the best analyses I’ve read on Nassib. Thanks very much for posting it. It’s objective, clear and very helpful. You know your stuff, and you put in the work.

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